current is a micro-blogging platform, which I created for myself. I tend to post about things that I find interesting, so primarily about things I learn in the software development space, possibly books I'm currently reading, but in general anything that passes an arbitrary threshold of what I feel is worth sharing. I took inspiration from other micro-blogs I stumbled upon, namely thesephist's stream.

The main reason why I decided to create this app was just to have a small side-project, which I could play around with. A secondary reason was me moving away from most social-media and towards independent web, and so I wanted a place for short form content.

The lack of "engagement" features (i.e. likes, comments, etc.) is here by design, so that I'm not motivated by them, and can stay "true" to just sharing what I deem worth it.

For those interested, the whole source code is available on my GitHub under an MIT license, but the whole thing is rather simple, and if you want to start your own micro-blog, there are probably better alternatives available.