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2024/01/22 23:10

Messing around with asynchronous code while playing with microcontrollers is a surprisingly tangible way to explain/learn about it!

2024/01/21 20:29

It’s interesting how fragile a system of habits can be. The moment I fall behind on my journaling, I tend to also get sloppy about some of my other habits, especially the ones I need more motivation to get done. Is it a good thing to have a core habit, or should I strive for more “resilient” habits?

2024/01/08 22:02

Currently writing a small custom Discord bot as a hobby project, and I’m really enjoying messing around with it. Kudos to the creators of for making such a powerful and intuitive library that’s so fun to use! 🐍💙

2024/01/08 06:32

TIL, that Venus goes through phases, just like the Moon! Subscribing to APOD was a great little decision

2024/01/04 22:56

And as is custom, while trying to use this feature for the first time I found an untested edge-case for the link parsing which breaks the whole link 😅 And of course, RegExp is at fault… Production is the best test environment, as they say!

2024/01/04 22:49

Finally gotten around to improving Bluesky 💙 cross-post markdown parsing for my micro-blog! As you can see, links finally work properly & the so-far unsupported text emphasis is dropped. So glad to have done, because it was stopping me from using this feature properly. No longer an issue!

2024/01/01 15:34

Love cracking open a new notebook & setting it up for the upcoming year, learning from things that didn’t work & iterating on the practice! 📓⚡

2023/12/30 22:33

As a side-note, I really need to improve the markdown parsing and facet creation for the Bluesky syndication…

2023/12/30 22:30

APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day - has quickly become my favourite RSS feed and is a lovely surprise every morning for me! 🪐🌌

2023/12/28 09:34

Picked up The Word for World is Forest as a “quick & light” read… Boy was I wrong! 💙📚