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2023/12/27 12:15

I really appreciated my decision to use sqlite to store my posts, as it allowed me to implement a very straight-forward migration mechanism, when I was adding the BlueSky federation/syndication.

I especially enjoyed the built-in

PRAGMA user_version;

to keep track of which migrations have already been run on a given .db file.

2023/12/27 10:15

Yesterday, I finished If Then by Jill Lepore. What a book! Meticulously researched and written in a shockingly readable style. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to learn how far back attempts at using computers to influence people’s opinion go! πŸ’™πŸ“š

2023/12/26 21:11

As of right now, my posts on my personal micro-blog are automatically syndicated to BlueSky! πŸ’™ POSSE ftw!

2023/12/25 22:16

So I’ve received my invite code for Bluesky… Strongly considering federating my posts made here automatically over there (or at least have the option to do so)…

2023/12/22 16:05

I can’t believe it took me this long to create an about page for current, but it’s finally up!

2023/12/18 07:26

Daniel Kehlmann’s Don’t Wake Me Up Too Soon was a pleasant surprise find on Hacker News! It ponders the responsibility of fiction writers (and creators in general) to dead real-life figures & what is and isn’t/should and shouldn’t be allowed. Interesting thing to mull over the morning cup of tea…

2023/12/14 22:02

I’ve finally gotten around to If Then by Jill Lepore, and I am blazing through it! Even though it needs to cover a lot of historical context, it is very well written, in an almost lyrical style that is a breath of fresh air in a PopSci book!

2023/12/12 23:46

In a way, I have to thank Meta for trying to bypass EU laws with the “choice” of staying on free tier and having my data used, because that pop-up serves as a great blocker and allowed me to unlearn a lot of the muscle memory I had for opening up their apps.

2023/12/09 23:34

I must say I’m quite unhappy that I missed the beginning of advent of code this year, and now I’m doubtful I’ll manage to catch up… One year I’ll hopefully be able to finish one properly…

2023/12/09 19:17

Also, the interview with Gaiman from the article I mentioned in my previous post is worth watching in its own right.